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Dr. Kristen CoorDr. Kristen Coor

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.


Bearhand Physical Therapy - Myofascial Release

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Dr. Kristen CoorDr. Kristen Coor

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

By providing individualized treatments, in one on one sessions, my goal is to help clients become pain-free and regain their health and function without the need for surgery, drugs, or invasive interventions. Drawing on my 30-plus years of clinical experience and my specialized training in John F Barnes' Myofascial Release, I bring an effective approach to authentic healing. In addition, clients learn self-treatment techniques to support and enhance their healing.

Dr. Kristen Coor

Advanced MFR Practitioner    

Welcome to Bearhand Physical Therapy - Myofascial Release. I'm privileged to have been trained in myofascial release by John F Barnes and continue my love for helping others in their healing.

Treatments are only with me, there is no support staff. Your treatment time is devoted to you, your health and well being.

Fascial restrictions, no matter the physical or emotional source, can cause pain and dysfunction. Through years of clinical experience I have found fascial restrictions a limiting factor in healing and mobility. Pain caused by restrictions can interfere with daily life, normal routines and overall health, impacting mental and physical well-being and bring about a decline in the quality and enjoyment of life.

I provide one on one personalized, integrated and comprehensive treatments to address your needs and look forward to helping bring you relief and authentic healing through John F Barnes' myofascial release.

Life is so much better when we feel good!

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