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Patricia BrooksPatricia BrooksPatricia BrooksPatricia Brooks

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.


Sedona MFR

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Patricia BrooksPatricia BrooksPatricia BrooksPatricia Brooks

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

Patricia Brooks

10 years Licensed Massage Therapist Certified in Medical Massage

If you are looking for an MFR therapist on this site, it's likely you have:

-Been referred to MFR by your Physical Therapist, MD or Chiropractor,
-Read any of the explosion of scientific articles and interviews in the past year
validating existence of the fascial system and its influence on pain, or
-Been referred by someone who has received substantial, lasting pain relief
from Myofascial Release treatments via a John Barnes-trained therapist.

Myofascial Release
10 years ago, the myofascial healing class of the prestigous massage school I graduated from bore little similarity to the advanced techniques taught by John Barnes. It takes many years and hundreds of training hours to attain the level of Expert that I have to offer you.
Sedona hosts over 5 milllion visitors annually. If you are seeking recovery from pain and immobility during your visit, I offer extended appointment times including weekends and some holidays for your convenience. My private office is conveniently located in West Sedona. For your treatment you?ll need loose shorts, a sports bra or other similar attire.

Your MFR Treatment:
Your session will begin with questions about accidents, injuries, illnesses, surgeries and traumas. I will also do a complete standing and laying assessment to direct and guide your session. During your session I will explain what I am doing and why to help your body awareness and demystify the process.
After your session, I will demonstrate simple self treatments that help, the same ones I use to stay healthy and pain free. All sessions include gentle Biomat heat on the table.
You will be certain that you are getting the most advanced training to assist you in pain elimination and increased range of motion.

A few comments from clients:

"I began seeing Patricia after experiencing pain in the hip, leg and groin due to a partial hip replacement. Her treatments have greatly decreased the pain and increased the range of motion in my hip and leg. In addition, it has released tightness and increased flexibility in my entire body." Marcy F. Sedona

"When I walk out of Patricia;s office I am relaxed, free of pain and ready to fly again."
F.O. Sedona

"Patricia truly has the healing touch. I always look forward to my next appointment. Many thanks for so many pain free days." Iris M, RN, Oakland

Myofascial Release is an amazing therapy for ending the cycle of pain and limitation and getting you back to feeling like yourself.

(928) 301-1585

Our Locations
200 Carol Canyon Dr,
Sedona, AZ  86336
Office Phone: (928) 301-1585