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Melissa Belliard

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.


Harmony Integrative Bodywork LLC

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Melissa Belliard

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

Empowerment, healing, transcendence.  Meaningful connection, abundance.  Deep, rich relationships.  These qualities are at the core of Harmony Integrative Bodywork.  I am a witness to a person’s healing process, a facilitator and vessel for energy and intuition to travel to my client in a flow. Compassionate, non-judgmental – we each heal in our own way and own time, and although we may seek out others to help us, ultimately it is our choice, our path, our work to do.

The goal of each session is to bring harmony and balance back to your body and mind, to bring awareness so that you can find ways of self-care that support your healing and vitality, in a safe and supportive environment that goes beyond the mat and table. Life is not easy; it can be full of suffering and cause us to protect ourselves in a myriad of ways, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  While these coping mechanisms may help us survive, is there a way to find balance within them so we can be our authentic selves and fulfill our purpose for being here?

I come to my clients as someone who understands pain,frustration over reduced mobility/range of motion, and chronic tightness.  I believe it helps me be a better and more compassionate therapist. I have turned to massage, myofascial release, yoga, energywork, and more to alleviate multiple symptoms stemming from two serious injuries, and have found relief in all of these modalities.  I have dealt with occasional anxiety and panic attacks in the past, and breathwork has been a tremendous ally in that arena.  I love helping others and am thrilled and humbled to be doing this work.

Melissa Belliard

Advanced MFR Practitioner    

I discovered Myofascial Release as a result of my own personal injuries and pain (severe knee and ankle breaks/surgeries), and have found relief using MFR. The John F. Barnes style of Myofascial Release is gentle yet profound, and can help people suffering from chronic pain, postural issues, and holding patterns in the body, as well as emotional pain and anxiety. Using what we learn from your sessions, self-care at home supplements our work and empowers you to take charge of your healing process on a daily basis.

During my 10+ years as a licensed Massage Therapist, I was curious about releases that were happening as a result of extended stretching/tissue mobilization, and the reason is explained via myofascial release, where we are engaging with the connective tissue that surrounds our entire body, including muscles and organs. By releasing areas of tightness and restriction, the body is free to once again move naturally and with less pain.

I have completed Myofascial Release I and II, Unwinding, and Mermaid Fascial Freedom (Emily Estes/Maine), and receive regular MFR treatments for my own healing. It is a joy to do this work and see the profound results that happen when clients are combining MFR sessions with regular self-care.


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