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Marya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya Kukura

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Connective Healing Myofascial Release

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Marya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya KukuraMarya Kukura

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

  We specialize in John F. Barnes' Approach to Myofascial Release (MFR), as well as Harmonic Therapy with gongs and singing bowls. MFR is effective in treating pain and dysfunction for people of any age, no matter the severity. Often a person finds MFR almost as a last resort, only after trying powerful medications, rigorous exercises, and invasive procedures all with inadequate results. Even in cases where all else has failed, Myofascial Release not only eases the client's physical pain, but with repeated sessions, it allows the person a chance to truly heal.

  One-hour and two-hour MFR sessions are available, with special rates for the first session as well as Pediatric MFR sessions (newborn - 12 years old). We encourage clients to do regular myofascial self-care at home and offer private instruction in additional MFR self-care techniques to continue therapy in between sessions. We offer powerful one-hour Harmonic Therapy sessions, as well as Group Sound Meditations. 

  Our intention is to share this incredible modality with as many people as possible and to offer our clients hope and the opportunity to heal on every level.
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Marya Kukura

Expert MFR Practitioners    

Marya is an Expert Level JFB-MFR Therapist and has completed more than 35 MFR seminars. She came to this work because of her own pain, having lived with fibromyalgia since early childhood. Western Medicine's methods for treating pain and depression could barely even mask her symptoms, let alone resolve them. After many years of struggling, she began to learn alternative approaches to help herself instead. This sparked her desire to help others.

Rather than trying to simply relieve the pain for herself and her clients, Marya sought ways to support the body's natural ability to heal itself. Exploring this concept led her, first as a client, to John Barnes' MFR. With regular MFR treatment and self-treatment at home, Marya experienced changes in her health and a profound shift in her thinking. Marya now lives without the life-limiting pain, hypersensitivity, and depression associated with fibromyalgia -- she uses MFR on everything.

Having completed all JFB-MFR courses, she continues to repeat them regularly in order to deepen and expand her work.

Marya also offers Harmonic Therapy sessions with gongs and singing bowls. She's found her work with sound, vibration, and frequency to be a powerful complement to Myofascial Release.

(978) 289-9889

Sarah is an Advanced Level JFB-MFR Therapist, with 15 years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist. After years of working long hours at a desk job at the State House, a karate injury, and a bad fall on her tailbone, Sarah was in quite a bit of discomfort. She initially decided to pursue massage training in order to learn better ways to manage her own chronic pain. 

 She was already a number of years into her massage career when Sarah first experienced JFB-MFR for herself. Based on the relief she got from just a few sessions, it was clear to her that MFR was how she was going to help herself and her clients, not only to manage their symptoms, but to actually heal. She began taking seminars and has now completed more than two-hundred hours of MFR training, almost all of it directly with John F. Barnes, PT.

 For nearly a decade, Sarah also worked in a primary care practice as a Medical Assistant, where she met countless individuals seeking help with pain. With standard medical treatments, patients often only got temporary or partial relief. She saw their frustration grow when the pain lingered, but knew from her MFR training and experience why these methods fall short.

 Sarah believes that client participation -- both during treatment and at home -- is key for unlocking their own healing. She emphasizes the importance of making  MFR self-treatment a part of a daily wellness routine, encouraging it as a life-long practice to support, maintain, and enhance physical and mental well being.

 Sarah has a nine-year-old son, Ethan, who was diagnosed with autism six years ago. Sarah regularly uses MFR with him (which he calls squishes) and considers it an essential component of his care and an incredible tool for supporting his development.

(978) 289-9889
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