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Julia Snyder DSS, LMTJulia Snyder DSS, LMTJulia Snyder DSS, LMTJulia Snyder DSS, LMT

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.


Myofascial Release Works

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Julia Snyder DSS, LMTJulia Snyder DSS, LMTJulia Snyder DSS, LMTJulia Snyder DSS, LMT

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

Today it brings me great joy and deLIGHT to be your ally, as you place your wellness into the spotlight!  Together, we will bring out the BEST in you, in multiple-dimensions!  

It may be that you are stressed out!  Your body pains you.  Your back strains you.   You might even have trouble sleeping.     We�ll lean into my background in myofascial release, a hands-on therapeutic treatment, designed to relax your nervous system, setting the stage for energetic and physical restrictions in your fascia to release.  As they do, prepare to experience a boost in your total body aliveness;  more energy, enhanced circulation, balanced blood pressure, improved range of motion in your joints, stronger digestion, a boost in your libido, improvements in your golf swing, PAIN-FREE and more!  My own life has been transformed by this treatment.  I am so excited to offer it to you. 

Or it may be that you are ready to invite your most radiant, fit, playful & trim version of you ever to step forward.  We'll tap into my background as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, as well as nutrition and lifestyle coach. 

Or perhaps, you could use some weekly, one on one, support with making healthy lifestyle choices?  No problem!  As an ICFF certified coach with an MA in Spiritual Psychology, I will assist you in connecting the dots between who you are now, who you want to be, and to take incremental weekly steps that will enable you to succeed in reaching your goals  in a fulfilling, enjoyable, and perhaps even playful manner.  We will befriend your body intelligence along the way adding to your insight and effectiveness. 

Come back to life with MFR, I have! 

Serving the Seattle area, this fall 2021!  

Julia Snyder DSS, LMT

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MFR Specialist Licensed Massage Therapist Doctorate Spiritual Science MA Spiritual Psychology ICF Coach ACSM Personal Trainer

For the past 20 years I have enjoyed a career as a fitness professional both at the gym and on stage. ? I toured all over the world performing, with a physically demanding variety show that integrated acrobatic dance and artist juggling. ? As our show received international appeal, ?the demands of it increased. ? My knowledge of fitness, diet, mindset, stress reduction, and recovery all got called into question. ?Fortunately, I was able to surround myself with a team of very talented people, including Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, Drs. Katie and Gay Hendricks, Paul Chek, Guru Jugat, and John Barnes. ? ? I not only consulted them, but also became their student! ?I am so blessed. ?These people helped me perform at a world-class level, well into my forties. ?I leaned so heavily into their teachings, that now it is my turn to share them with you! ? All time tested by me-myself-and I, both on stage and off! ?

Love Your Body! ?You will SHINE brighter when you do! ?

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