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Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay

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We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

Providing Expert Level results with a compassionate heart which are lasting authentic and gentle.?In addition to my proficiency as a MFR therapist and as a client of MFR myself, I also take great pride in my practice setting. A practice is more than just a treatment setting—it is just like home. It has all the comforts and privacy of home and there is no need for my patients to rush off. There are plenty of extra rooms and areas to lounge in and enjoy the new-found fluidity and flexibility gained in the treatment sessions. Patients can watch informative videos, enjoy the latest and most informative literature on Fascia, and even utilize the self-treatment room, where patients can try out all the various types of self-treatment tools to see which ones work best for their body. My office is designed to have the comforts of home, my patients are NEVER just a number!? My journey as a therapist to patient back to therapist gives me first-hand experience of how wonderful MFR is, and how amazing the results are, and even how truly life saving this work truly is. With MFR, it is possible to live a high-quality, pain-free life!??

My office is centrally located within the greater Tampa Bay Area serving St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Bradenton, Brandon, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Temple Terrace, Plant City, Safety Harbor, Seminole, West Chase, Riverview, Zephyrhills, Sarasota, Harbor Island, Town 'n Country, Cheval, Land o Lakes, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, The Gulf Beaches, Anna Maria Island, Palmetto, Sun City, New Tampa, Brooksville......just to name a few.?


Advanced MFR Practitioner    
PTA LMT Expert

As a 20+ year PTA/LMT I have a mission to deliver personalized, effective, compassionate, non-judgmental, hands-on care with authentic lasting results. It was not until my own injury, did I realize that traditional therapeutic approach to treating the myofascial tissues of the body were flawed, too forceful and aggressive. While I was increasingly experiencing the adversities of pain, immobility, loss of function and loss of my joy for life combined with the inability to find lasting results or relief even for a short period, I began my quest to find an effective therapy. I simply could not settle for being told there was nothing but surgery or medication or even that there was no cause for my body's current state of being. I simply could not accept surgery or pain medication as the only answer! I intuitively knew there was something wrong causing all of my pain and symptoms, it was not all in my head. I just knew somewhere there was someone had the approach my body needed. My quest lead me to discover John F. Barnes Myofascial Release. I experienced immediate, profound results that lasted! Instantly knowing JFB-MFR was the missing link not only in my own healing journey but was what was needed in my profession journey as well. Along with the instant results I received, I began intense training in Myofascial Release in order to provide the same valuable transformative form of therapy to my own clients.

I have devoted my career completely to Myofascial Release and am blessed to receive training directly from John F. Barnes. I have served 2 internships at his treatment facilities and have over 650 hrs of hands-on training to date. I have also participated in the intensive treatment program as a patient. The results were profound and even resulted in regaining 1.4 inches in height. I am forever dedicated to mastering the "HEART"isrty of Myofascial Release. The skills of MFR are truly an art form as well as a Healing, Energizing, Aligning, Restoring, Transforming approach to health care. MFR is gentle, effective, compassionate, personalized and a non-judgmental form of hands-on therapy that gives authentic and lasting "RESULTS".

Both as a therapist and as a patient, I can help assist in your own healing journey so that you experience the profound improvements in the quality of your life, body, mind, and spirit. We all deserve to live a joyous, active, and pain-free life. Pain does not seem to follow a traditional work schedule of M-F with weekends/holidays off, pain strikes at any time. I will always strive to make every effort to always be available when you are in most need of assistance! If ever in doubt or need just pick up the phone and I am just a phone call away.


Our Locations
2245 49th Street North,
St. Petersburg, FL  33710
Office Phone: 727-638-8801
Directions: Residential Services within Pinellas Hillsborough and Manatee Counties
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