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Lori Johnson

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.


Johnson Myofascial Therapy

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Lori Johnson

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

Tier 3 has been lifted. You no longer need doctors permission to see me.

Please maintain social distance, wear a face mask and wash your hands frequently.

We sanitize our office thoroughly after each appointment.

Lori Johnson

Expert MFR Practitioner    
Myofascial Release therapy; LMT

Lori Johnson LMT is an expert  level Myofascial Release Therapist. She is one of the longest practicing therapists using John F. Barnes Myofascial Release exclusively  in the Rockford area. She is deeply commented to this wonderful work of helping people. Over the span of 20 years she has attended John Barnes seminars repeatedly. Over 650 hours of seminars, along with  monthly study groups, has enabled her to refine her skills and keep abreast of the latest techniques. In addition, she mentors other practitioners in the area, so many more can benefit from this valuable work. She provides her clients with home exercise programs to aid in the healing process and reduce their over-all cost. Lori provides individualized care for variety of conditions, including Fibromyalgia, Migraines, back pain and injury recovery.


Our Locations
5301 E. State St., Suite 216
Rockford, IL  61108
Office Phone: 815-399-8007
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